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A bit About Me: With a background in Dog Training and as a lifelong Dog owner, I have a genuine love for all things canine, I’ve compiled a comprehensive collection of fit for purpose, durable Dog products.  Whether you have a working Dog involved in bite work and protection work, Dog Sports or you simply want the very best for your furry companion, you’ll find my carefully chosen recommendations here on Toughdogproducts.co.uk

Having worked with & owned Dogs for the majority of my adult life, I was always surprised by the poor quality of so many items on the market aimed at our beloved pets. Of course many of these Dog products are so cheap as they are easily replaced which, in the end, is intended to get customers purchasing more Dog products. However, the deadly downside to all that, is at the expense of our beloved pets.

The awful stories of Dogs ingesting bits of Dog toys, or cutting their mouths etc on sharp edges, or indeed the loss of Dogs whose Dog bedding/Dog toy stuffing has been ingested and caused irreparable internal damage to the Dog. So, with this website, I only recommend Dog products which I would, or already do or have used, personally with my Dogs, along with Tougher, more durable/Tougher Dog products aimed more towards Working /Sports Dogs etc but also could be used with our pet Dogs. Also, on our YouTube channel I will upload honest reviews, be them good or not so good. I Do have to incorporate the below affiliate disclaimer, so please take a moment to read through. Thanks.

*Please also note, that the products which I have reviewed in Dog Blogs or Video’s are products which I have been using with my own Dogs for a period of time prior to the review, in order for them to be given full transparency and a fair review.*  

** Affiliate Disclaimer**

Items are sold via Affiliate links, these items are purchased  when you click through to their secure payment portal.** ( I do not process these orders, therefore I do not see ANY customer information at all, not even a customer name.)

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**Affiliate Disclaimer**

I’ve included a selection of Dog products and links to those products on this site that I may receive a small affiliate commission for any purchases made via an affiliate link. (At no additional cost to yourself, the customer)

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***If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me by using the contact page. ***

At Toughdogproducts.co.uk , my mission is to give you the customer a smooth and insightful shopping experience, safe in the knowledge that if I wouldn’t use it on my own Dog/s, then I would not recommend it to you.

By reviewing along with customers, there is scope to bring knowledge and experience of a vast range of dog products, and share that knowledge with the dog loving community, via my Dog Blogs and/or our social media platforms.

By researching & recommending only the best quality dog products that I know can stand up to the claims on their labels, Toughdogproducts.co.uk will continue to help owners make better informed choices.

**As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases**

  • ts.co.uk is The destination for dog lovers seeking expert reviews and recommendations on dog products. I review products from various brands, (not just the top named UK dog brands), along with nutritious raw dog treats and food & the latest in dog accessories & dog products.
  • You’ll notice that I don’t have any ads and spammy pop up’s on my website. Toughdogproducts.co.uk is supported by you, the readers, when you click through one of my recommendation links to make a purchase, I may earn a small affiliate commission. This commission does not affect the price you pay or influence which Dog products I review.
  • I’m passionate about Dogs and I trust this shows with the products I recommend to you.  Thank you if you use the links within this website, I really appreciate it!
  • Please be assured that If I wouldn’t let my own Dogs play with it, or use it on them/ feed it to them etc,  then you won’t see it on this Tough Dog Product website.
  • If it fails to meet my expectations, then it won’t appear on here!

I hope your shopping experience on this website, The Place For Tough Dog Products, is a  pleasant one, and look forward to your return visit.

Best Wishes

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